COVID-19 update, 13.09.2021:

As of September 13th Covid Certificates are required to visit many places, including sport facilities. However it doesn’t apply to weekly classes visited regularly by less than 30 people. Therefore you can still visit the regular classes without the Certificate, but I will require it for workshops and other events.

You can join two types of Ashtanga Yoga classes: 

  • The traditional way to practice Ashtanga Yoga is Mysore style – a class where each student learns the sequence individually, with help of the teacher. For more information check: Mysore.
  • Apart from Mysore I teach guided Led classes. In those classes all students practice the sequence together, guided by the teacher. For more information check: Ashtanga LedThere you can also find information about the Full Primary Led class that takes place every first Sunday of the month.


If you are a beginner with no experience in Ashtanga or yoga whatsoever, I suggest you start with the basics in Ashtanga Led class I or Mysore. You can also join the Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga workshop – there you can learn all the necessary theory and technique of Ashtanga that will make the start easier for you.

Because my classes are small and personal, I ask you to sign up for each class you attend. Here you can find extra tips on how to use Fitogram.

For those of you, who want to practice from home or for other reasons can’t make it to the studio, I offer online streaming of some of the the led classes.  You can find all the details about online classes here.

All the classes are taught in English. I also speak basic German and in most of the classes I demonstrate the poses while teaching – don’t hesitate to join even if your English is limited.


Current class schedule:

schedule July


Schedule changes and updates:

  • Please keep signing up for each class you attend. You can cancel your booking up to 3 hours before the class. You can sign up late, but if there aren’t at least two sign ups three hours before the class (or until 9pm for the early morning classes), the class will be canceled. If the class appears in the Fitogram schedule below, it means that it takes place – I will inform you if it gets cancelled.
  • Because of my psychotherapy school schedule, there will be no Friday Mysore on December 17th.
  • From December 23rd until January 3rd I will be away for a Vipassana meditation retreat. There will be no classes in that time and I won’t be reachable by phone or email. I will answer your messages as soon as I’m back online!


Follow this link to see the prices.


Here you can find Ashtanga Yoga Luzern Terms and Conditions.