You can join two types of Ashtanga Yoga classes:

  • The traditional way to practice Ashtanga Yoga is Mysore style – a class where every student learns the sequence individually, with a help of the teacher. The classes take place in the morning. For more information check out: Morning Mysore and Mysore FAQ. There you can also find information about Friday morning Led class and the Full Primary Led class that takes place every first Sunday of the month.


  • Apart from Mysore I teach guided Led classes in the evening. In those classes all students practice the sequence together, guided by a teacher. For more information check out: Evening Ashtanga and Ashtanga at LiLi Centre.


Beginners are very welcome to join any class that I teach. However, if you have no experience in Ashtanga or yoga whatsoever, you might want to start with the basics in Mysore class or the LiLi class. You can also join the Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga workshop.

If you are planning to join the LiLi class, please sign up, the class takes place with the minimum of three participants. For other classes you can just drop in whenever it suits you.

I will be teaching the whole summer except for July 31st and the last week of August when I’m taking care of my practice at the retreat with Eddie Stern ♥ There will be no classes on August 28th and 30th.

Note that the Tuesday evening LiLi class during the summer will be taking place outside at Ufschötti – check the Open-Air Ashtanga Yoga page for more details!