Ashtanga Led

May 31st (Thursday) is a public holiday, but we unroll the yoga mats like on any other day :) See you in the class!


Time: every Thursday, 18.15 – 19.30

Place: Shaktini Yoga – Grendelstrasse 15, Luzern (see: contact)


In this class the teacher guides the group through Primary Series* – the first and the most important sequence of Ashtanga Yoga, known for its therapeutic qualities. Apart from the yoga poses, students learn how to connect the breath with the movement into a flowing meditative practice. The class is adjusted to different levels, so both the beginners and the more advanced students are welcome!


*depending on the level of the group we will do the first half of the sequence or a few poses less/more



trial class*:    20 CHF

single class:   30 CHF

5 classes:       135 CHF (valid for two months**)


20% discount for students up to 25 years old

*Single trial class available for students who join the class for the first time.
**Read more about the conditions.