If you don’t feel like practicing in a group or you simply don’t have time for that, ask for private classes.

To do so, please contact me – we will choose the time and place convenient for you.


Prices for private classes (in Lucerne):

60′ – CHF 120

75′ – CHF 140

90′ – CHF 150


Discounted prices for my regular students:

60′ – CHF 100

75′ – CHF 120

90′ – CHF 130


If you’d like to book more classes or practice regularly in a private setting, please contact me – we can discuss a discounted price for you.


Sharing this practice with you is my passion and it is important for me that you can afford coming to the classes. If you can’t join regular courses or you have a problem you would like to work individually on, but the price is too high for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.