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If there is one muscle in your body you should know, it would be the psoas. This hip flexor is a major muscle connecting your upper and lower body and is involved in about everything you do, whether you run, practice yoga or just sit in front of the desk. It’s health affects your posture and, when too tight, might cause back pain and other imbalances in your body. Psoas is also one of the main muscles that react to stress and therefore it reflects your emotional state. In your yoga practice tight or weak psoas will prevent you from doing many poses, for example backbends and transitions that require core strength. In this workshop we will explore different asanas and preparations that will help keep your psoas both strong and flexible and we will work on releasing any unnecessary tension from this region of your body.


Time: 20.06.2020 (Saturday), 10.00 – 12.00
Place: Weggisgasse 31, 6004 Luzern
Price: 50 CHF (
40 CHF for students)

The event will be limited to 8 participants. Please book your spot by sending me a message to 0793815755 or an email to info@ashtanga-luzern.ch.



The workshop will be an introduction to both theoretical and practical aspects of Ashtanga Yoga. It will provide a solid foundation for those who want to start or who already attended some classes, but would like to learn more about the method.

In the first part of the workshop I will explain the origins of the practice, its basic rules, philosophy and how to integrate yoga into your daily life. In the practical part we will have a closer look at the three main techniques – the ujjayi breath, asana and drishti. We will work on the beginning of Primary Series, which is the first and the most therapeutic sequence of the Ashtanga Yoga system, paying extra attention to the alignment of the asanas. Apart from the poses, you will learn how to connect the breath, the movement, and the point of focus so that your practice will not only develop strength and flexibility, but also focus and the feeling of internal peace.

Date: the next introduction workshop will be scheduled in August, stay tuned!
Place: Weggisgasse 31, Luzern
Price: 50 CHF (40 CHF for students)

The event will take place with the minimum of 3 participants. Please book your spot by sending me a message to 0793815755 or an email to info@ashtanga-luzern.ch.


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