September Newsletter

There is no doubt that the foundation of being a great yoga teacher is being a great yoga student. – Rod Stryker 


Dear Ashtangis,

I’ve spent the last weeks listening to your needs and planning the future of Ashtanga Yoga Luzern. I like changes and I’m happy the studio is evolving and I can offer you more classes, more interesting workshops and hopefully soon yoga retreats as well. I also realised that 1st of October this year, when I will be taking over the studio, marks exactly 10 years since I started to teach yoga. It’s been quite a journey and I can see how much I’ve learnt both from my teachers and from students visiting my classes. I’m grateful to everyone who crossed my path and influenced me as a yoga practitioner and teacher in the last years. I’ve never planned this kind of life for myself, but I like to see where my love of yoga took me. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with you and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming in the next 10 years of teaching :) 

Below you can find an update about the classes and events in the next couple of weeks:

  • I’m very grateful for all the feedback I’ve got from you in the last month. Based on your opinions I decided to apply some small changes in the class schedule starting from October 5th (Monday). I think it will make a lot of you happy! You can find the new schedule here and soon it will replace the old one on the website. We will test the new schedule till the end of this year to see if it works better than the previous one.
  • You might have noticed a new type of class in our schedule: gentle vinyasa. It will be a bit easier class in which we focus on gently opening different areas of the body, especially the hips, chest and shoulders. You can use it to support your Ashtanga practice or join whenever you want to take it a bit easy. Since the class is based on the moon sequence, I will offer everyone a free trial on the full moon evening on October 1st at 19.30. It’s a new class, so for now please sign up every time you want to come.
  • Another important change will be the return of evening Mysore. I know a lot of you missed the opportunity to do Mysore in the evening so I’m happy to offer it now on Fridays. I encourage everyone to try it, including complete beginners. You will get some individual attention and tips that you can later use during Led classes. Check the Mysore FAQ for more info! 
  • Some of you would like to see a regular Pranayama class in the schedule. I definitely plan to start teaching more breathing techniques, but I have to test the new schedule first to see where such class would fit best. For now please join the Full Primary Series Led class every first Sunday of the month or just come at 10.30 when we are done with the practice and you can do the half an hour of Pranayama with us.
  • Following your enthusiastic reaction to my recent shoulder-opening video*, the next workshop on September 19th (Saturday) will be all about the shoulders! We will have a look at preparations and asanas that strengthen or bring more flexibility to your shoulders. You can find more details on the website.
  • And all the yoga newbies can join the next Introduction workshop on September 11th (Friday). Share the info with your partner, sibling or a friend and help them discover this life-changing practice! This workshop is also a good idea for everyone, who has already joined some classes, but would like to learn the theory and technique behind it. 


Thank you for everything and I’m looking forward to more opportunities to see you in our beautiful studio!





*If you would like to stay up to date and receive some extra tips for your practice, please text me and I will add you to our WhatsApp group :)