May Newsletter

 I have never had a practice that I regretted. Not once have I finished a routine and thought “Oh, I wish I hadn’t done that.” But there have been days that I didn’t practice and later I wished I had.

David Swenson


Dear Ashtangis,

After a busy couple of days following the government’s update of the rules we need to follow,  I finally have a moment to write you a few words! As life is slowly returning back to normal, things are changing for better for yoga practitioners as well. This plus the beautiful weather outside really makes me energetic and optimistic about the months to come :)

Below you can find information about the next couple of weeks:

  • Since Monday I am allowed to have six students in a class. It means that I won’t be teaching double shifts in Mysore anymore and we can return to our regular class schedule. You can always find the current timetable here.
  • Because the attendance in the evenings has been very low, I’ve decided to remove the Thursday 19.30 class from the schedule for now. I plan to add it back after the summer and in the meantime I will use this time slot for occasional Moon Sequence or Pranayama classes. Such events will be listed under the regular timetable and announced in our Whatsapp Group*.
  • On the website you will also find information about upcoming workshops. On June 12th (Saturday) we will work on integrating Vinyasas into our yoga practice. We will practice the breath-movement connection and we will explore different transitions between asanas. The space is limited to six students, so don’t forget to sign up soon!
  • Beginners are welcome to join the Introduction workshop on June 18th (Friday). I really recommend this one to everyone who has recently started Ashtanga or who would like to learn all the necessary theory and techniques at once.
  • After receiving an overwhelmingly positive feedback from our first outdoor classes, I scheduled the next one for June 20th (Sunday). We will meet again at the beautiful Dreilindenpark in Lucerne. Come if you like to practice while enjoying the sun, listening to the birds and admiring the stunning view this park offers.
  • Tomorrow is a holiday, I will teach the morning Mysore class, but there won’t be a class on Thursday and Friday evenings. I will give the Full Primary Series Led class this Sunday if I receive at least three sign ups until Saturday at 15.00. Enjoy the long weekend!
Being honest with you, it’s been a bit of a struggle to get the studio started again after the lockdown, especially in the evenings. I know it might be difficult to return after a long break, but I promise you that, after the initial resistance, you will be happy once you are back on your yoga mat. I will be there for you during the summer so please show up whenever you are around. I will be happy to welcome you again in our beautiful studio.




*If you would like to be added to the group to receive updates, practice tips and videos, please email me your phone number.