February Newsletter

Buddha was asked: What have you gained from meditation?

He replied: Nothing. However, let me let you what I have lost: anger, anxiety, depression, incecurity, fear of old age and death.


Dear Ashtangis,

I guess all of you have already heard the happy news – from tomorrow on you can join the classes with no more Covid restrictions. This is a huge relief for me and for many of you, who were not able to come to the studio in the last months. I need to thank all the students who kept showing up and helped me keep the studio afloat – I wouldn’t have made it without you. I’ve learnt a lot from the last two years and I look to the future with optimism :-)


Below you can find an update about the classes and events in the next couple of weeks:

  • First of all – fully opening the studio means that I can finally restart the workshops. We will begin with the Introduction workshop on March 11th (Friday), followed by the postponed workshop about the Bandhas on March 19th (Saturday). Check the website for more info.
  • Speaking of events: the Ashtanga Yoga retreat in May filled up real quick this time. I’ve got only one spot left, so be quick – first come first served! If you’re interested, check this page for more info.
  • Next week the long-awaited Fasnacht will take over Lucerne, making it impossible to practice at the studio in silence. It is time for introverts like me to go into hiding ;-) I will close the studio and go to the postponed meditation retreat that I was supposed to join over Christmas. I will be gone from February 24th (Thursday) to March 6th (Sunday). In this time there will be no classes and I won’t be reachable by phone or email. I’m looking forward to this experience and to sharing my insights with you once I’m back.  
  • The meditation retreat will not only be an interesting inner journey, but also a real digital detox. Electronic devices take a lot of my energy and after I’m back, I’m planning to limit my exposure to them. Except for confirming weekend classes and yoga emergencies, I will restrict my online communication with you to the afternoon office hours during the week. 
  • Because of my absence, the Full Primary Led class in March will take place on the second Sunday of the month – March 13th. Please make sure to book the class the latest by Saturday 3pm.
  • The online streaming of the classes on Tuesday and Thursday is still on for as long as there is interest. It’s a good opportunity to do your practice when you don’t have time to drive to town or you’re simply not in the mood to leave home. 

That’s it for now. Can’t wait to see you all in the studio again! 



PS. If you would like to be added to our WhatsApp group to receive updates, practice tips and videos, please email me your phone number.