September Newsletter

No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship.

James P. Comer



Dear Ashtangis,

This summer has been unusually busy for me. I’ve been to three yoga retreats and in between I was teaching full time and even refurnished the studio a bit. I’ve also invested more time into my other career as a psychologist and I’m full of ideas on how to combine the two in the future. Now I need a few days of rest and therefore I will be leaving on Friday for a short holiday. It will be my first yoga-unrelated vacation in many years, which makes me a bit nervous ;-) But I’m sure gonna pack a yoga mat to do my daily ritual while away.


Below you can find updates about classes and events in the upcoming weeks:

  • During my holiday Claudia will cover half of the classes for you. Follow this link to see the holiday schedule and make sure to sign up on time for classes you want to attend next week. It’s a big relief that I’m leaving you in good hands and I’m very grateful to Claudia for that! 
  • After I’m back, the studio schedule will be pretty busy! I planned three workshops for you in the upcoming weeks. We will start with an Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga workshop on September 23rd. It’s an all-you-need-to-know workshop, please join if you haven’t been to one yet!
  • The Friday after, on September 30th, I will teach a postponed workshop about the female perspective on the Ashtanga practice. We will talk about how yoga can be different for women and I will explain you how to practice during period or while pregnant. You can find all the info on the workshop page of the website.
  • Last workshop I’m planning in October is an Introduction to the Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga. I’m excited to see that a lot of my students are progressing and many of you have started the Second Series by now. In this workshop we will have a look at the whole sequence and I will give you tips for particularly challenging poses. I will offer easier variations of the asanas for those of you, who would like to try the Intermediate Series, but are not very advanced yet. You can already sign up to this workshop through Fitogram
  •  I’ve never thought of myself as an “event” kind of a yoga teacher and I always preferred to invest my time in regular classes where I can observe you over a longer period of time. But I must say, yoga retreats have really become my thing! Teaching the last retreat at Chateau Gottrau was really rewarding and I felt so at home in there. To me the retreats are not just yoga holidays, but they give us an opportunity to get to know each other and to go deeper into the practice over a couple of days. I’m definitely gonna carry on teaching retreats and I already fixed two dates for 2023: April 19th to 23rd & September 7th to 9th. You can already pre-book the retreats with me, more info will follow soon!