April Newsletter

If you can stand on your mat for yoga and you have available at least fifteen minutes, you are a truly lucky person. That alone is a priceless gift and a tool to improve your life, which not many have. With these thoughts have a sense of gratitude for what is available to you. Get to practice. – B.K.S. Iyengar


Dear Ashtangis,

Easter is coming soon and, instead of shopping for chocolate rabbits, I’m packing my suitcase for a trip to Helsinki where I will join a workshop with Eddie Stern and Petri Räisänen. Teaching yoga every day can be exhausting at times and daily self-practice feels a bit lonely – I sometimes miss being a student! It makes me really appreciate every practice in a Mysore room with other students and a teacher who supports me in my yoga journey. Don’t take your practice for granted, be grateful for the time you can spend on your yoga mat and just enjoy it!

Below you can find information about schedule changes and events in the upcoming weeks. 

  • Because I’m away, there will be no class from Thursday (18.04) until Saturday (20.04). I will see you again on Tuesday, April 23rd. Happy Easter! 
  • In June you can expect some changes in the class schedule. But don’t worry, only for better! I will open a new Mysore class on Monday evening – now those of you, who are not early birds, can also get a taste of the Mysore practice :)  Also, on your request, the weekend classes (Saturday Led class and the monthly Sunday Full Primary class) will start a bit earlier, at 9:00. The updated schedule for June will soon be available online. We create the classes together, so please let me know in case you have any suggestions!
  • The Detox and healing through Ashtanga Yoga workshop will take place on May 4th (Saturday). In the theoretical part of the workshop I will explain how Ashtanga Yoga method works for our body in terms of healing and removing the toxins. In the practical part we will go through the Primary Series paying special attention to the alignment and techniques that help us get the most out of those therapeutic poses. We will conclude the workshop with a discussion about diet that supports the yoga practice. The next workshop is scheduled for June 29th in the afternoon – details soon, you can already save the date!
  • After the Detox workshop you can put your new knowledge into practice during the Full Primary Series Led class  on Sunday, May 5th at 9:30. The class is followed by short talk about yoga technique and philosophy.  
  • The next Ashtanga Open Class will take place on May 18th (Saturday) at 11.30. If you have any friends who would like to try Ashtanga Yoga, but never had a chance, then please let them know! The class is free and all new students get a discount for their first yoga pass.