Changes to the schedule, upcoming events & Auffahrt

Dear Ashtangis,

The long awaited Spring is finally here! This season is always a good time to take care of your body, to nourish it with healthy food and to develop good habits. I hope that yoga will be a part of your daily routine! Below you can find a quick update about changes to the schedule and upcoming events.

  • On May 5th (Saturday) I will teach a workshop about healing and detox through Ashtanga Yoga. If you are interested in the therapeutic aspect of the yoga practice or you want to know how to facilitate removing toxins from your body, then this workshop is for you! 
  • If you struggle with headstand or you want to play with handstands and other inverted postures, save the date May 26th for the next workshop. I will soon post more details on the website. 
  • I know that durig the Winter it is much harder to remain a regular morning practice and I could see less interest in the morning classes. Therefore I had to cancel the Friday Led class for now – I will teach this class only till the end of April. The other two Mysore classes will be taking place regularly and the prices of the 1- and 2-moths passes will be adjusted accodingly. Hope to see you in Mysore – I’m sure that the beautiful Spring outside makes it much easier to get up in the morning! 
  • The next Full Primary Led class will take place on May 6th. After the class, for those who are interested, I will give a short talk about the meaning of Ashtanga Yoga mantras.
  • May 10th is a public holiday, but I will be happy to teach the classes if at least 3 people sign up. Please contact me if you would like to join!


Lots of love,