COVID-19 update, 16.04.2020:

I’m finally able to welcome you in the studio again! We will restart the classes on Monday, April 19th. The number of people in the class is limited to 4. Additionally, the led classes in the studio will be streamed through Zoom. In this way you don’t have to wear masks while practicing and you can join online if you prefer to practice from home. Please carefully read all the updates under the schedule and the safety measures we follow in the studio.

You can join two types of Ashtanga Yoga classes: 

  • The traditional way to practice Ashtanga Yoga is Mysore style – a class where each student learns the sequence individually, with help of the teacher. For more information check: Mysore.
  • Apart from Mysore I teach guided Led classes. In those classes all students practice the sequence together, guided by the teacher. For more information check: Ashtanga LedThere you can also find information about the Full Primary Led class that takes place every first Sunday of the month.


If you are a beginner with no experience in Ashtanga or yoga whatsoever, I suggest you start with the basics in Ashtanga Led class I or Mysore. You can also join the Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga workshop – there you can learn all the necessary theory and technique of Ashtanga that will make the start easier for you.

Normally you need to sign up only for the weekend classes and the class at the LiLi Centre. For other regular classes you can just drop in without notice. However, because the number of students in the class is limited right now, the sign ups are obligatory till the restrictions are loosened. Here you can find extra tips on how to use Fitogram.

For those of you, who want to practice from home or for other reasons can’t make it to the studio, I offer online streaming of the led classes through Zoom.  You can find all the details about online classes here.

All the classes are taught in English. I also speak basic German and in most of the classes I demonstrate the poses while teaching – don’t hesitate to join even if your English is limited!


Below you can see the schedule until the studio can fully reopen. Here you can find the regular timetable.

schedule April 21


Schedule changes and updates:

  • I’m happy to welcome you in the studio again! As long as the number of people in the class is limited, I will offer small live classes as well as online streaming of the classes I used to teach online during the lockdown.
  • The number of the people in a live class is limited to 4. In this way I’m able to provide you enough space and you don’t have to wear a mask while practicing. You still have to wear one in the entrance area.
  • Right now sign ups are obligatory for all the classes. I accept cancellations up to 12 hours before the class, afterwards you will be charged a full fee (unless someone from the waiting list takes your spot).
  • Please put your name on the waiting list every time there is not enough space for you. On some days I’m able to offer additional Mysore hours and there is always a possibility that someone cancels their booking.
  • On May 3rd Ashtanga Yoga Luzern celebrates its 5th birthday! For this occasion I will give a special outdoor class on May 9th (Sunday) at 10.00. Check the details in the Fitogram schedule below. 
  • May 13th (Thursday) is a holiday. I will only teach the classes on Thursday and Friday if I have at least 3 sign ups 24 hours before the class – please register early.


Follow this link to see the prices.


Here you can find Ashtanga Yoga Luzern Terms and Conditions.