Protective measures in the yoga studio during the Coronavirus pandemic


  • Please stay at home if you show any cold or flu-like symptoms!IMG_3057


Hygiene rules:

  • Please wash your hands thoroughly in the bathroom before entering the studio. 
  • In the entrance area you can find hand sanitiser so that you can disinfect your hands whenever you need to.
  • The room will be aired and the sensitive areas will be disinfected in between the classes. 


Social-distancing rules:

  • While entering or leaving the studio, while getting dressed, while talking to the teacher or other students please keep the 1.5 meters distance. 
  • Avoid hugging or kissing each other hello. IMG_3054
  • The teacher is allowed to give you hands-on adjustments. However, if you don’t feel comfortable getting them, please inform the teacher.
  • The number of people in the studio is limited to ten students and a teacher – in this way we provide at least 4m2 per person. 
  • Please place your mat on one of the marked spots on the floor. During the class stay on your yoga mat. 
  • Please come the earliest 15 minutes before the class and leave the studio the latest 15 minutes after the class. In this way you won’t mix up with the group that is coming before or after the class you attend.


Sign up rules:

  • Signing-up for all yoga classes is no longer obligatory, but it is advised – the number of participants is still limited.
  • All the students participating in a class will be registered with name, address and an email address. Like that we can keep track of who has visited the studio and get in touch with you in case one of the other students happens to be tested positive for the virus. 



Schutzkonzept für die Wiederaufnahme des Yoga Gruppen- und Einzelunterrichts (Deutsch).