July Newsletter

In the same way that gold is melted in a pot to remove its impurities that raise to the surface, yoga asanas boil the blood and bring all of our toxins to the surface, which are then removed through sweat. If the method of vinyasa is followed, the body becomes healthy, strong and pure like gold.

R. Sharath Jois


Dear Ashtangis,

I don’t know about you, but this summer is treating me very well so far! I went to one yoga retreat in June and have two more to go this summer. And in between I can pass on what I’ve learnt, because the classes are running pretty well this month! I’m really happy that despite the heat and all the outdoor options, you guys keep showing up on your yoga mats. And I’m sure you will be rewarded for this – the summer heat makes you more flexible speeding up your progress. And all the sweating is good for your skin and the process of purification. Way to go! 

Below you can find updates about classes and events in the upcoming weeks:

  • For me the best summer is when I plan the next yoga retreat on the way from the previous one :) I went to Salento to be Petri Räisänen’s assistant for two weeks and came back with a plan to join his next retreat in Finland. Therefore I will be gone for one week from July 25th until 31st. There will be no classes in that week, your yoga passes will be extended accordingly. I will come back with even more energy and inspiration for you! 
  • And that’s not all the retreat news. I will go to one more yoga retreat this summer, this time as a teacher. Starting on August 25th I will teach for four days in a a charming old house near Fribourg, Chateau Gottrau. There are still a few rooms left, including two beautiful double rooms with private bathrooms. Because I need to fill up the retreat until the beginning of August, you have two more weeks to sign up. I think my own addiction to yoga retreats should speak for itself – that’s where you can find peace, focus on your practice, have a lot of personal time with the teacher plus you can meet a lot of nice people with similar interests. All levels are welcome, including students who have never practiced in a Mysore class before. You can find all the necessary information here, but don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions.
  • I don’t want to jinx it, but this summer has been spoiling us with really good weather! It’s a lovely opportunity to do some outdoor classes. We will start with a class this Saturday at 9.30 in the usual spot – Konsipark in Lucerne. You can find all the information here. Please remember to sign up until 5pm on Friday. I will also offer one such class in Polish on August 6th (more info here). 
  • August 1st is a big national holiday in Switzerland. If you’d like to celebrate by doing some yoga, I will offer a special outdoor class at 4pm. In that way you might be able to squeeze in some time on the mat between brunching with your family and celebrating with your friends in the evening :) If the weather doesn’t allow, we will meet in the studio instead. 
  • Last but not least: apart from the retreat and outdoor classes, I will also offer two workshops in August. On August 5th I will teach another Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga, which I strongly recommend to all new students. On August 19th I will give a workshop for everyone interested in the female perspective on the Ashtanga practice. We will talk about how yoga can be different for women and I will explain you how to practice during period or while pregnant. More info about workshops here.

PS. If you would like to be added to our WhatsApp group to receive updates, practice tips and videos, please email me your phone number.