June Newsletter: the studio opens for more students!

If the body is stiff that is understandable. But if the mind is also stiff then you can’t get anywhere. The mind has to become flexible.

Geeta Iyengar

Dear Ashtangis,

I’m sure we are all happy to see that life in Lucerne is slowly getting back to normal and that we can start doing things we missed during the lockdown. It was really good already seeing some of you in the studio in the last couple of weeks. I appreciate that you were flexible enough to adjust to all the new rules and that you kept coming even though the classes looked a bit different. It will only get better now! From this week on some of the regulations for yoga studios were loosened and therefore I’m sending you a short update about the classes in the next couple of weeks:

  • From today on we are back to our regular schedule. You can always find it on the website (link). Because the online classes worked so well, I decided to keep two of them in the schedule for as long as there is interest. The online classes are a chance for you to keep practicing regularly when you are away or when you are too busy to show up in the studio in person. 
  • The covid-related rules in the studio are now much more relaxed, but we still have to follow some basic preventive measures. Please read them carefully before coming to the class: link. I am now allowed to give you hands-on adjustments, but if you still prefer to practice on your own, just let me know before the class. 
  • The number of students in a class is now limited to eight. Signing up is no longer obligatory, but it is recommended – in that way you can secure your spot in the class. It also helps me to better prepare the class for you. You can register through the interactive schedule on the website or by contacting me. You can also save the online calendar on your phone and use it like an app (instructions here). If you are joining the online classes you need to register in order to get the link – please do it at least 6 hours ahead so that I know I have enough students to teach the class.
  • The long-awaited Psoas workshop is now scheduled for June 20th (Saturday). Psoas is one of the most important  muscles in your body – it affects your posture, flexibility, strength and even your emotional state. In this class will explore different poses that will help you keep your psoas balanced and we will see how to use it in our yoga practice. You can find more details on the website.