March Newsletter

Listen to silence. It has so much to say.



Dear Ashtangis,

This has been a busy first quarter of the year for me and I’m glad I could take a break and spend ten days in a complete silence at the meditation retreat. You would be surprised how inspiring sitting on a meditation pillow for ten hours a day can be! By the end of the retreat my brain was full of new connections and ideas and I couldn’t wait to start sharing them with you. So be ready! The next few months will be filled with classes, workshops and our long-awaited yoga weekend in Ticino. Time to welcome the Spring and use this new energy on and off of the yoga mat! 

Below you can find an update about the classes and events in the next couple of weeks:

  • Following the Vipassana retreat, I will start by sharing my experience with you in a meditation workshop on April 8th (Friday). I will teach you some basic meditation techniques and we will discuss the main principles of yoga philosophy that support our peace of mind. Check this page for more info.
  • That’s not all – I will teach two more workshops this month! The first one will be a workshop about Bandhas, that I keep having to postpone since the beginning of the year. Third time is the charm, the workshop will definitely take place on April 23rd (Saturday). Bandhas are essential to the Ashtanga Yoga practice, so don’t miss it! Learn more here.
  • The last workshop this month will be the Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga on April 29th (Friday). I suggest all students visit this workshop at some point to understand the method and the basic techniques that we use in the regular classes.
  • As I mentioned in the last newsletter, following the retreat I’ve decided to limit the time I’m available online. I will typically reply all your messages in the afternoons, you can always find my current office hours here. To avoid having to text you late in the evening, I will now allow free cancelations for the morning classes only until 7pm. If there are not enough sign ups, you will be notified that the class is canceled.
  • This weekend I’m busy with my therapy school and the studio will be occupied by the wonderful polish organisation Wioska Kobiet. There will be no Mysore on Friday and the Full Primary Series Led class will again take place on the second Sunday, April 10th.
  • Because most of you have already shifted to the in-person classes, I will again reduce the online streaming to just Thursdays (9am & 6pm). Whenever you’re around, come to the studio to practice together and get a few nice adjustments. I will share a few secrets about my hands-on assists in the next workshop in May – stay tuned, more details soon!