May Newsletter

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy.

I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.

Art Williams


Dear Ashtangis,

It’s hard to believe, but Ashtanga Yoga Luzern turned six today! I started in May 2016 with two Mysore classes in a sub-rented space and before I realised I already taught full time in my own studio. It’s been an intensive couple of years with lots of learning on my side, but I’m really grateful for all of it. And I’m thankful to you for supporting me all this time and for creating a great energy in the classes. I was planning to bring a cake to the studio to celebrate with you today, but ended up sick and stuck at home instead. Oh well, the cake can wait and in the meantime I will share some news with you :)

Below you can find an update about the classes and events in the next couple of weeks:

  • We will start the month with the long-awaited Ashtanga Yoga retreat in Ticino. I’m looking forward to deepening the practice and hanging out with you. Because of the retreat, there will be no evening classes on Thursday and Friday this week. And those, who couldn’t make it this time, shouldn’t worry – I’m already planning the next retreat for this year, so stay tuned! 
  • The next event in May will be a workshop about Bandhas that I kept postponing the last few months. Using the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles will make your practice lighter and safer. I will teach a shorter version of the workshop next Friday after the Mysore class, you can find all the details here. Please remember to sign up the latest 48 hours before the workshop so that I know I have enough participants to teach.
  • Another workshop this month will be a new and exciting one – the Hands-on Adjustments in Primary Series. I will show you some of the basic adjustments that you might have experienced in my classes. The workshop is meant not only for yoga teachers, but for all of you, who would like to deepen their understanding of the alignment of the First Series asanas.
  • In May I will also apply one change in the class schedule. Due to very low attendance, I will temporarily remove the Monday morning Mysore from our timetable. As soon as the other classes pick up and I see the need for an additional Mysore, I will start teaching this class again.
  • To support you in developing a more regular practice, I’ve also decided to offer a discount for the open yoga passes. Till the end of the summer you will pay CHF 200 for one month and CHF 540 for three months of unlimited yoga classes. Try it out and see if such pass helps you get motivated to show up regularly on your yoga mat. 
  • And finally, I wanna share with you happy news – in June I will be able to deepen my own practice and learn some new cool adjustments while assisting Petri Räisänen in his yoga retreat in Salento. If you would like to practice and hang out with us, contact Yoga in Salento for more details.




photo by Agata Lach