Mysore classes are opened for everyone, including complete beginners. In this class each student is taught individually, therefore you can show up any time within the timings of the class (e.g. starting your practice at 7:00 and finishing at 8:00). In the beginning you might need 50-60 minutes to complete your practice, with time and experience your sequence will get longer. For more info scroll down and read the Mysore FAQ!

I know this type of class might be new to you. If you have any doubts or questions – please contact me.

Here you can find the class schedule.




Mysore Classes: Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Mysore?
  1. It’s a city in south India that is a source for Ashtanga Yoga.
  2. It’s a type of Ashtanga Yoga class. Mysore style is a traditional way of teaching yoga where you get personalized instructions and adjustments from a teacher – kind of a private class within a group. Step by step, with a help of the teacher, you memorize the sequence and develop “self-practice” so that you can do the Ashtanga sequence on your own pace, following your breath.


  • Do I need to know the sequence before coming?

No! Mysore is there for you to learn the sequence, so you can join the class even if you have never tried yoga before. The teacher will help you learn the poses.


  • I am a beginner to Ashtanga. Can I come to Mysore?

Mysore class is opened to all levels – from complete beginners to students with advanced practice.


  • Can I practice Ashtanga if I have injuries?

Yes. Because of the format of the class, the practice can be adjusted to the personal needs of the student. Poses and assists can be modified to accommodate an injury and to facilitate healing. Make sure to tell the teacher about your injuries before the class.


  • The class is so long – how can we practice for more than two hours?

Mysore classes can last for 2 hours or more, but you are not expected to be there for that long! Most of the students practice for between 1 to 1,5 hours, beginners’ practice takes around 45-60 minutes. The extended time of the class allows students to show up whenever it suits them – at least 45 minutes before the class finishes. Which also means that you cannot be late for the class! :)


  • How often should I come to a Mysore class?

Ashtanga Yoga system is meant to be practiced very regularly. You might start with coming one or two times a week, but eventually you would like to make it your daily ritual. It gives you the opportunity to explore yourself and observe your body and mind as it is every day. Once you know the sequence you can start practicing at home, but showing up in the class regularly will allow the teacher to get to know your practice and tailor it to your own needs. Your practice doesn’t to very intensive every day – some days you might be tired or not have that much time – but try at least to roll out your mat and do a few sun salutations!

  • What is the mantra we chant in the beginning of the class?

Ashtanga Opening Mantra is traditionally chanted at the beginning of the class to prepare our minds and bodies for the practice. It is the way we express our gratitude towards the lineage of teachers and their students who were passing the knowledge about yoga as well as to honour the sage Patanjali (the composer of the Yoga Sutras).