Mysore classes are opened for everyone, including complete beginners. In this class each student is taught individually, therefore you can show up any time within the timings of the class (e.g. starting your practice at 7:00 and finishing at 8:00). In the beginning you might need 50-60 minutes to complete your practice, with time and experience your sequence will get longer. Here you can learn more about the method. Also check out the Mysore FAQ

I know this type of class might be new to you. If you have any doubts or questions – please contact me.

Here you can find the schedule and prices.



In Ashtanga Yoga tradition the days of Full and New moon are observed as holidays. If you have a regular Ashtanga Yoga practice, I suggest you take a day off and rest on those days. If you decide to come to the class, do a gentle practice, you can also feel free to do your pranayama or meditation instead. Learn more about moon days: Ashtanga Moon Days. Next dates: 1.08 (Thursday), 15.08 (Thursday), 30.08 (Friday).