Newsletter November

Just as the water reflects the sun and the moon,

the body reflects the mind and the soul.


Dear Ashtangis,

I’m really happy to see such big interest in the classes right now. Those of you, who have been practicing with me since I started in Lucerne, know the ups and downs I went through to get the Mysore classes up and running. Getting up for the morning practice can be challenging so it really warms my heart to see so many of you coming regularly. I love hearing from you how this practice positively affects your daily life. I think we all need some peace, quietness and deep breathing to deal with challenges that the pandemic has brought upon us. Thank you for choosing my studio for a safe space to explore your body and mind and thank you for choosing me as your companion on this journey! 

I’m writing to you with just a short update about the classes and events in the upcoming weeks. 

  • The last couple of weeks were pretty busy in the studio, especially in the mornings. After observing the classes and listening to your feedback I’ve decided to slightly limit the number of students in the classes. Even though the current BAG regulations allow me to have more people in the studio, I will temporarily limit the number to 8 students per class. It rarely happens that there are so many people in the class anyway, but I think it will make everyone feel more comfortable when you know the class won’t be too full. And if there is anything else I can do to make you feel better in the class, don’t hesitate to share your your thoughts with me. 
  • Because the space in classes is limited right now, I suggest you keep signing up for the classes you want to join. You can do it by using the Fitogram schedule on the website or by contacting me directly. If it happens that there is no space in the class you want to join, please put your name on the waiting list as people sometimes cancel their bookings. I will make sure that everyone, who wants to practice, can come to the class – especially students with the monthly subscriptions. I will keep adjusting the schedule accordingly and extend Mysore classes if necessary. The website is always updated with the changes. 
  • For my regular students, who don’t want to practice in a group setting right now, I will offer a 20% discount for private classes. You can also book such class with your friend or partner and split the price. You can find more details about private classes here
  • On Friday November 27th in the evening I will give the postponed workshop “Ashtanga Yoga for the ladies”. We will talk about how to adopt the practice to your monthly cycle and the practice can be different for us women. I will also explain the basic rules of doing yoga during pregnancy. For more details check the website.
  • And on December 12th (Saturday) I will teach a workshop about backbending. This is a part of the practice where a lot of students struggle, therefore I will give you some simple tools that will help you open the hips, chest and shoulders. We will look at the correct technique in backbends and will try different variations for all levels of proficiency. You can find more information about the workshop here
  • There will be no Mysore class on Friday, November 20th. I will take that weekend off, recharge my batteries and start the following week with some new energy. Your yoga passes will be extended accordingly.