November Newslettter

The balance of feminine and masculine that the practice requires is incredibly beautiful. The female body must become strong and controlled as the male body. The male body must become as supple and gentle as the female body. While this practice requires very masculine determination and effort of will, it also demands feminine vulnerability and surrender. – Zoe Ward


Dear Ashtangis,

Hope everyone is healthy and well during these cold days. Dress warm, drink lots of ginger tea and don’t forget to create some internal heat with your Ashtanga practice! The studio is nice and warm, even early in the morning, so come and do a few Sun Salutations to keep your body warm and your energy level high!

Below you can find a short update about schedule changes and events in the upcoming weeks. 

  • The next Introduction workshop will take place in just a few days, on November 23rd (Saturday). You will get the answers to common questions about the goal of Ashtanga Yoga, about reasons for fixed sequence, about benefits of the poses we do and many others. You will also learn about the ujjayi breath, vinyasas and other techniques we use in the class. Both complete beginners and students who already practiced Ashtanga for some time are welcome to join.
  • More advanced students might be interested in the upcoming workshop about the Second Series of Ashtanga Yoga on December 7th (Saturday). The second sequence is called Nadi Shodhana and its goal is to clear and calm down the nervous system. It’s quite challenging, but with the right technique, it can be a very good balance to the Primary Series. I will show you different variations of the poses, therefore you don’t have to be very advanced to join, but some experience in Ashtanga Yoga is advised.  
  • The next Full Primary Series Led class will take place on December 1st (Sunday). Because of the growing interest in learning Pranayama, from now on the class will be followed by 20-30 minutes of breathing techniques. Please sign up if you are planning to come to this class.
  • Christmas holidays are slowly approaching and those of you, who stay in Lucerne, will be happy to hear that this year I will be teaching the whole December with only a few classes cancelled over Christmas. There will be a special schedule during the holidays, I will post it on the website in the beginning of December. And if you are already looking for gifts, then remember that there are beautifully designed vouchers available at the studio. Instead of buying things, you can gift someone with their first yoga experience – a single class, a yoga pass or a workshop.
  • Since the studio opened, I have been trying to follow your feedback and to keep the schedule and price list adjusted to your needs. Seeing that some classes and yoga passes are more popular than others, there might be some little changes in the coming year. I can see that the morning passes aren’t very popular, as most of you want to be more flexible. Also the weekend classes are unfortunately rather empty – I’m counting on all the weekend yogis to start showing up! I’m still working on the changes – please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you come more regularly to the classes.