Hip-opening yoga poses


Tight hips are a typical symptom of the modern life. Sitting for many hours at the desk, in a car or on a sofa makes this part of the body stiff. Even those of you, who are more physically active, might tighten the hips while hiking, running or cycling. Restrictions in this area will not only stop you from sitting on the floor or doing more advanced yoga poses, but might also be the cause for your lower back or knee pain. 

In the workshop we will explore different yoga poses that bring the mobility back to the hips. Among others, we will practice opening the hips for lotus poses and backbends – poses that are among the most challenging for many yoga practitioners.

The workshop won’t follow the Ashtanga Yoga sequence, you are welcome to join even if you practice in other yoga tradition. I will show you different variations of the poses, therefore the workshop is suitable for yogis of all levels.

Time: 08.06.2019 (Saturday), 11.00 – 13.00
Place: Weggisgasse 31, 6004 Luzern
Price: 50 CHF

The event will take place with the minimum of 5 participants. Please book your spot by sending me a text message or an email to info@ashtanga-luzern.ch. Cancellations are possible up to 48 hrs before the workshop.

Here you can find Ashtanga Yoga Luzern Terms and Conditions.